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`make regen-all` regenerates many generated files. But not all.

1. Argument Clinic files has their own make target, `make clinic`. Perhaps "clinic" should be a dependency for "regen-all".

2. Lib/ and Lib/ are generated from Include/token.h and Include/graminit.h.

3. Lib/ is generated from graminit.c.

4. Modules/sre_constants.h is generated from Lib/

5. Lib/ is generated by (currently it is slightly outdated).

6. Objects/unicodetype_db.h, Objects/unicodetype_db.h and Modules/unicodename_db.h are generated by (it downloads Unicode data from Internet).

Some generating scripts support Python 2.7 and even older versions. Some generating scripts (in particular Argument Clinic) need recent Python version (3.5+ or like).
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