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Date 2017-06-10.09:06:55
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Thanks for taking care of our CI, Zach ;-) Buildbots, Travis CI job and AppVeyor are now fixed if I understood correctly, so I close the issue.

Serhiy Storchaka: "And disable the "tzdata" resource for skipping generated tests for all timezones in test_datetime. Or make them requiring not only "tzdata", but "cpu"."

Hum, I have no real opinion on this issue. I think that the first main issue was test_tools, and disabling cpu on our CI has fixed the issue. I'm not sure that we should go deeper. *If* you consider thta that test_datetime is too slow, yeah, maybe add also a requirement on the "cpu" resource. But I don't recall to have seen "test_datetime" in the final "top 10 slowest tests" (even if I didn't look recently).

Brett Cannon: "One thing to note is if we want to speed up things like the coverage run on Travis we may want to make this optionally more deterministic rather than fully random for the 10 selected files, (...)"

Using a fixed list of filenames would benefit to everyone, not only to the CI. But someone has to select these files :-)

Brett: "Maybe having a ``-u deterministic`` resource to take out the randomness for coverage runs but leave the randomness for buildbots?"

We may start by using a fixed random seed for our coverage tests? And make sure that each test file starts with the same seed? IMHO coverage is a different issue, so I suggest to open a new issue if you consider that it's worth it to enhance the coverage CI job ;-)
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