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Date 2017-06-07.09:16:33
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> At the end, you should get the commit 6b4be195cd8868b76eb6fbe166acc39beee8ce36.

The commit is a giant change. So let me help you, the following change is strange. value is replaced whereas its value is non-NULL... Maybe it's the regression? ;-)

diff --git a/Python/pylifecycle.c b/Python/pylifecycle.c
index 90f8551..03601ea 100644
--- a/Python/pylifecycle.c
+++ b/Python/pylifecycle.c
@@ -291,6 +291,9 @@ import_init(PyInterpreterState *interp, PyObject *sysmod)
     /* Install importlib as the implementation of import */
     value = PyObject_CallMethod(importlib, "_install", "OO", sysmod, impmod);
+    if (value != NULL)
+        value = PyObject_CallMethod(importlib,
+                                    "_install_external_importers", "");
     if (value == NULL) {
         Py_FatalError("Py_Initialize: importlib install failed");

St├ęphane Wirtel (matrixise): "this issue can be executed on Linux, I think I am going to work on this one."

Would you like to work on a patch?
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