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Author tomMoral
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Date 2017-06-04.08:59:34
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I think this is a good solution as it let the user define easily the behavior it needs in other situation too. I would recommend adding the object responsible for the failure to the _on_queue_thread_error callback. This would simplify the error handling.

@@ -260,8 +260,16 @@ class Queue(object):
                     info('error in queue thread: %s', e)
-                    import traceback
-                    traceback.print_exc()
+                    self._on_queue_thread_error(e, obj)
+    def _on_queue_thread_error(self, e, obj):
+        """
+        Private API called when feeding data in the background thread
+        raises an exception.  For overriding by concurrent.futures.
+        """
+        import traceback
+        traceback.print_exc()
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