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Date 2017-06-01.11:26:09
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In a question on StackOverflow ( it was mentioned that numpys scalars cannot be used as index for `itertools.islice`. 

The reason for this is because the numbers are converted with `PyLong_AsSsize_t` (which requires a PyLongObject [or subclass]) instead of `PyNumber_AsSsize_t` (which only requires an `__index__` method).

I'm not sure if there are many use-cases where numpy scalars make sense as inputs for `islice` but it's definetly unexpected that `itertools.islice([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], np.int32(3))` currently throws a `ValueError: Stop argument for islice() must be None or an integer: 0 <= x <= sys.maxsize.`
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