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Date 2017-05-30.23:49:59
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Thanks for all the info.

I've made another patch for with removing ButtonFrame.  I've also included and in the patch.

I had worked on help_about yesterday, so if you don't like the button classes, I may need to undo it.  However, since they do a lot of 'stuff' maybe it would be similar to the HelpText class in  It seems more readable to me compared to when I first looked at the file.  Although, the place_widgets is still messy.

2: Need to bookmark and spend time with this.

For #5 and #8, it sounds like using f-strings is OK even though it only is 3.6+, so then super() should be OK too?

9: Yes, I've been doing that to test all my changes.  It's nice to use since at times, I've lost the window entirely.  And I get feedback in the console with the line error when it doesn't work.  I also get to play with the settings to understand what something does.   :-)

New questions:
1.  In help_about, I converted to all ttk widgets, so fg and bg don't work anymore.  Should I try to add ttk.Style?  For me, the dialog looks the same color-wise as it did before.
2.  In help_about, there was an extra frame (frame_background).  It looked the same with it and without it, so I removed it.  Is that OK?
3.  Forgot to ask yesterday, but the code with `self.text = text = ????` (and all the others with double assignment).  I understand that the self.text is for unittest, but is there a reason to have both self.text and text?  Just trying to understand so I know when to apply it and when not to.

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