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Date 2017-05-29.13:26:46
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I've attached a patch for textview for your review.  Thanks for suggesting that.  I still need to work on test_textview.

Some comments/questions:
1.  I've made the Frame classes as you suggested.  I had also made a class for TextviewText (as has), but it only had an __init__, so I removed it.
2.  I converted some of the tkinter imports to ttk.  Text didn't have a direct replacement, so I left it.  I didn't know if I should change it to NoteBook?
3.  Since Text wasn't converted, I left bg and fg as is. Is it correct to use and parent.fg to refer to the values in the calling class?
4.  I also bind the button to parent.ok in ButtonFrame.  With this and #3, my question is probably more about my use of parent. to access an attribute/function of the calling class.  It doesn't feel like I'm doing it right.
5.  I changed the inheritance calls to use super().  If you prefer not to use that, I can change it back.
6.  In, instead of using widget.config calls for setup, you used the dictionary access, so I changed those here.  For example, text['state'] = 'disabled' instead of self.text.config(state=DISABLED).
7.  And, yes, I also changed the constants.  I did it to match  I can change it back if it's an issue.
8.  I changed the string formatting used on self.geometry.  I had to look up the usage, so I thought this would be more self-documenting.
9. used grid instead of pack.  I kept this as pack, but wanted to ask if that was something else you wanted to be done?
10. used self.wm_title.  wm_title is aliased to title, so I didn't know if you wanted those changed.  In, you also used self.protocal and not self.wm_protocol, so I wasn't sure about it.
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