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Date 2017-05-27.19:57:11
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Details of commit "Add Makefile targets to implement the buildbot steps" in 543a287c32a714a668e426ceb80f4add92cc5de4:

The following buildbot steps, as defined by the UnixBuild class of the master.cfg buildbot configuration file, have now their corresponding commands:
* Configure: makesetup configureFlags && make configure
* Compile:   make host
* Test:      make buildbottest
* Clean:     make hostclean

The 'configure' Makefile target builds the native interpreter, the external libraries and runs configure for the target host on its first execution. Afterwards it mainly runs configure.  As it is, the native interpreter is not distclean(ed) by the above four steps and therefore changes made in Setup.dist are ignored by the successive rebuilds of the native interpreter.
The 'buildbottest' Makefile target invokes the 'buildbottest' target of the host Python Makefile and runs using also the variables: TESTPYTHONOPTS, TESTTIMEOUT, TESTOPTS.

The following changes have also been made:
* The new Makefile target 'kill_emulator' allows to shutdown the emulator.
* All the shell and python scripts are now copied to the emulator at <sys.exec_prefix>/bin (i.e. /data/local/tmp/python/bin).
* The script run by the user in interactive sessions ('install', 'emulator', 'adb_shell') and the shell scripts run by the 'python' and 'buildbottest' targets now change the current directory to <sys.exec_prefix> (i.e. /data/local/tmp/python) instead of its parent previously.  As a result, the temporary files and directories left over by 'buildbottest' are removed on the next run with the removal of the content of the previous <sys.exec_prefix> directory before the new installation.
* Fix file names whose size exceed MAX_FNAME_SIZE.
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