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Date 2017-05-26.20:21:26
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gRPC Python is strongly affected by this as well. We use grpc.Future objects ( to represent RPCs taking place asynchronously. Despite our grpc.Futures being interface-compatible with concurrent.futures.Future objects, we (in our tests) and our users (in their applications) cannot make use of the concurrent.futures.as_completed function ( shows the "wrapping" that has to be done to work around the problem).

It's not at all clear why as_completed shouldn't work with any future objects that are public-interface-compatible with concurrent.futures.Future objects.

I would be happy to reimplement the function if my change would be accepted. I part ways with this issue's original reporter in that I don't see the need to widen the public API any further with a "remove_done_callback" method... but maybe I'm missing some small detail?
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