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Date 2017-05-24.20:41:17
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We have __slots__ with other ABC's, see and

There are no downsides to having empty slots on a non-instantiable class, but it does give the option of denying __dict__ creation for subclassers. 

The possibility of breaking is for someone using __slots__ but relying on __dict__ creation in a subclass - they will have to explicitly add "__dict__" to __slots__. Since we have added __slots__ to other ABC's, 

I will provide a PR soon on this. Diff should look like this (in Lib/

class ABC(metaclass=ABCMeta):
    """Helper class that provides a standard way to create an ABC using
- pass
+ __slots__ = ()

(I also want to add a test for this, and ensure other ABC's also have this if they don't.)
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