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Date 2017-05-24.11:44:19
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Thanks Terry.

I'll leave those other items alone for now.  It makes sense what you said about the 'create widget' styles.  Looking at it for the first time, I kind of liked the second version (in query) because I could more immediately understand what was happening, plus it seemed to lend itself to modularizing.  For example, have one function that has all 'create' and one that has all the 'place'.  help_about was a small dialog and there were already a lot of lines of code.  But, to your last point, blue tagging seems like it would make it all easier.

For the next step, do you have a plan in mind for what you'd like me to do next?  I know you mentioned ttk for help_about, but didn't know if you wanted me to tackle that.  Or should I PEP8 and docstring other modules such as and

One question I forgot to ask before -- the `Toplevel.__init__(self, parent)` line, can this be changed to super().__init__(parent)?
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