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Date 2017-05-23.03:44:12
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The SSL_shutdown man page says that if it returns 0, and an SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL is set, then SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL should be ignored - or at least I think that's what it's trying to say. See the RETURN VALUES section. I think this means we should only raise this error if the return value is <0? Though I suppose we need to clear out the error queue in any case.

I ended up changing the code that was triggering this for other reasons and now I'm not hitting it, so it's not exactly urgent for me, but FYI... I was getting SSLSyscallError exceptions from code using memory BIOs and where everything was fine. The test case had one task continually sending data into an SSLObject-based stream while the other end called SSLObject.unwrap() and then ended up continually getting SSLWantRead and reading more data -- after a few cycles of reading it got SSLSyscalError instead.
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