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Author Steve Barnes
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Date 2017-05-20.06:54:28
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@terry.reedy - Very good points and I like the shortness of -0 note that there is already an accepted change to allow -x.y-64 to specifically require the 64 bit versions so we don't need the complex logic to distinguish cases where -x.y will run 32 bit because there is no 64 bit verses -x.y will run 64 bit and -x.y-32 will run 32 bit so I haven't implemented that complex logic.

I have put a tab between the run flag and the path as I find that is easier to detect than some number of spaces.

Found that I needed to move the test for -0 nearer the top as 0 is a potentially valid version specifier, (isdigit).

Also modified the "not found" message to mention -0 as an option for discovery.
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