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Date 2017-05-20.05:01:01
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4a. Change uglyMidcap widget names and CamelCase function names to pep8_conformant names.  Simplify: byline, email, docs, pyver, tkver, idlever, py_license, py_copyright, py_credits, readme, idle_news, idle_credits.

4b. Change CamelCase function names to pep8_conformant names.
ShowIDLEAbout => show_readme, 

5. Add docstrings
For show_xyz functions, "Command for xyz button"? even though not verb?

#30303 implemented 2a, improve textview and tests.

Cheryl: this should be much easier than colorizer.  Let me know if you want to take a stab at at least 4 and 5.
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