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I'm very interested in this because, even though we do support STARTTLS in aiosmtpd, it's a hack using non-public symbols, and we have a hidden traceback!  (I.e. one that doesn't cause the test suite to fail, but only shows up when clients disconnect.)

Here's our STARTTLS implementation (at least as of this writing):

And here's the bug description:

We're getting eof_received() *after* connection_lost()!

And the "fix":

Basically, once we flip the protocol to the SSLProtocol and then munge the transport, we have to keep the original transport around so that we can close that explicitly on connection_lost().

I don't really know whether this is 1) the right way to implement STARTTLS, and 2) to handle the traceback fix given the APIs we have to work with today (Python 3.4-3.6).  But that's the problem right? :)
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