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On the C API, it tells how to make modules, functions, variables, and other things, but what about classes?

Like for example if you wanted to make a class with all of the methods having to use direct C Code which would then be converted to PyObject *'s for returning the information the C Code would normally return.

Not only that but also being able to create class instance variables using the C API as well.

Like for example here is an example class (As it would be if it was written in python):

class Example:
    def __init__(self): = None  # None being a place holder for now.

    def somefunction(self):
        # C Code here. = ret  # return value for the C Code.

Yes, there are better ways than writing the return data to the instance variable and returning it. That is just an example, I have classes that uses them for other things that does not return anything making the instance variables be the only way to get the data.

But yeah long story short I think creating classes with the C API should be documented if not already, or at least an example of doing one to be added as an guide for others wondering how to use the C API to make their own (non exception) classes.
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