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Author Steve Barnes
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Date 2017-05-16.05:38:11
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@steve.dower I did check and none of the currently supported pythons us -l or -L and have implemented it with -list and -long-list but I do appreciate your point that someone might come up with a use for all of these flags in a future version of python.

How about dropping the short flags, (-l & -L), and making the long flags more launcher specific, i.e. --launcher-list and --launcher-list-paths spring to mind.

I really do think that this change would be really useful, e.g. in the short form to generate a list of installed targets that might all need a specific library updated or to create one venv for each installed target, the long version has already helped me out spotting where a python that I was not expecting had been added to the registry.

I'll also take a look over on pep514tools to see if there is anything I can do to help there.
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