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Author Steve Barnes
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Date 2017-05-14.09:13:16
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Currently the launcher will give an error message if a matching python is not found when using the -x.y-bits notation on the command line however the user has to know which python(s) they have available.

When some pythons have been installed all user and some specific user only the individual user may well not know which pythons they have available.

I would like to suggest adding to the command line -l and -L options for list and Long list options. Each option would populate the installed_pythons list and then

 -l print the list of usable -x.y-bits options currently available.
 -L print the list with the paths of the executable files.

In either case the launcher should terminate after printing the list.

This would be useful for deciding which python(s) to test with and for producing a list to be able to deploy critical updates to all installed pythons.
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