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The name of a Tk font family is a byte sequence obtained from the operating system.  But, this being Python 2.7, there is no distinction between the str type and the bytes type.  The byte sequence is definitely not ascii encoded on a Japanese Windows system.  It is a utf8-encoded byte string.  This is why I called v.decode('utf8') in my patch.  Note that this bug does not occur with Python 3.6.

Terry, I understand that text is better and I hope I never have to resort to an image again.  Since I don't speak Japanese myself, even setting up a Japanese Windows VM for testing was pretty challenging for me.  I was able to take a screenshot without having to translate any Japanese menus, so I took that shortcut.  Sorry about that.

This report was indeed triggered by a real "crash" in your sense.  It occurred in a GUI application bundled with pyinstaller.  Any unhandled exception in a pyinstaller app results in termination of the process and posts a Windows error message box saying 'Failed to execute script XXX'.  For the report, however, I was isolating the underlying unhandled exception in Font.copy() that had caused the real crash of the GUI application.
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