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Date 2017-05-12.11:29:20
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The tests step was killed after a total of 55 min 54 sec, whereas it only took 38 min 40 sec on the previous build 150.

regrtest was supposed to log "running: test_threading (xxx sec)" every 30 seconds, but it didn't!? I don't know if the main regrtest process was stuck, or the child process running test_threading was stuck? Or both?

test_pty skipped -- No module named fcntl
0:35:45 [400/402] test_pep352 passed -- running: test_threading (448 sec)
0:35:47 [401/402] test_timeit passed -- running: test_threading (450 sec)

command timed out: 1200 seconds without output running ['Tools\\buildbot\\test.bat', '-j2'], attempting to kill
program finished with exit code 1
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