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> Bump, any update on what to do with this issue?

I updated and completed Chi Hsuan Yen's 3.6-deprecate-macpath.patch to create a pull request. I suggest to start by deprecating macpath in 3.7, and remove it from Python 3.8.

This module is here for years. macOS 9 is now dead, all macOS users migrated to OS X nowadays. I don't think that there is an urgency to *remove* macpath.

The title says "obsolete macpath module dangerously broken": is "dangerous" still up to date after the following fix?

New changeset 54987723de99 by Serhiy Storchaka in branch '3.4':
Issue #9850: Fixed macpath.join() for empty first component.  Patch by

If yes, we may also warn users in the macpath documentation that the module is dangerous, especially in the documentation of Python < 3.7.
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