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Author Steve Barnes
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Date 2017-05-07.11:36:17
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I believe that I have a fix in pull request #1488 for the following points, and have manually tested for them:

 - py Still defaults to highest py3 with 64 bits as the default
 - py -2/3.n-32 Still works or reports not present as appropriate
 - py -2/3.n-64 Works or reports not present as appropriate
 - py -2/3 Still defaults to highest then 64 bit if present
 - py -2/3-32/64 Gives highest python 2/3 or reports not present
 - py -2/3.nn Should now work if/when there is such a version present, (any number of digits as far as the validation goes), or reports no such python.
 - py -4, etc., Ditto
 - py n.m-anything other than 32 or 64 - no change of behaviour.

CLA - Signed and submitted but not a working day yet. All automatic checks passed. Will add another push to update to the help message.
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