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Author palaviv
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Date 2017-05-06.17:04:18
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I have 3 argument for the motivation for this change:
1. Cleaner API - Both objects are internal implementation details. I think that we can look on exposing them as a bug.
2. Easier development - When you remove these objects from the API you can change them without any concern. I for one think that I can make the sqlite3 module faster by changing them from Python objects to simple C structs.
3. Documentation - Currently both objects are part of the API. Thus they should be documented but how would you document the Statement class? Do we really want to have a generic Cache class in the sqlite3 module?

I have less experience with cpython then you. Do you think that maybe the Cache class should be moved to more appropriate place (maybe collections) and be used by others?

> At a minimum there would need to be a deprecation period, 

Is there a place that document the deprecation process? I will update the patch.
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