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Date 2017-05-06.02:24:13
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I have a 6 core, 12 cpu Pentium.  I previously stopped with -j10.  Reading the above, I tried -j14 and -j18.  Times for one run on a quiet system of 'test -jnn -ugui' with a fresh download and debug build were 3:55 (-j10), 3:48, and 3:53.  Not much affect.

A more promising source of reduced running time on this system is shown by the last 4 finish times: 2:42 tarfile (:42), 3:13 zipfile (:43), 3:16 venv (:54), and 3:48 multiprocessing_spawn (2:29).  If m._s. were split into files taking at most  40 seconds, I suspect the total running time would be perhaps 20 seconds less due to better CPU utilization. Currently, the total running time could be from about 30 seconds less to about 2 minutes more depending on when m._s. starts in a randomized run.
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