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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2017-05-04.08:00:21
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A review is not required to commit.  The PR itself says "Add more commits by pushing to the bpo-19903 branch on lulouie/cpython."  As far as I know, unresolved requests do not block for cpython.  The Merge button appears to still be 'alive' after my red review.

I have done reviews on other issues, both + and -, with comments on individual lines.  I like it best when there is only a single commit at the time of review.  Otherwise, I don't see any way to comment on the total change after multiple unsquashed commits.  I also don't like commenting on an obsolete line or searching through multiple commits to find the last that touched a line.

I accepted your invitation over 1/2 hour ago and got confirmation from github.  But pushing with this revised command
git push pr_1382:bpo-19903
still fails, with the same message.
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