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Date 2006-08-21.10:01:29
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Could we please get some things straight first:

1. if you're working with IDLE and it doesn't do what you
expect it to, please file an IDLE bug report, not a Python
one; the same it true for any other Python IDE you are using

2. string's .lower() and .upper() method rely 100% on the
platform's C lib implementation of these functions; there's
nothing Python can do about bugs in these implementations

3. if you want reproducable behavior across platforms,
please always use Unicode, *not* 8-bit strings, for text data.

I see that #1 has already been done, so the IDLE specific
discussion should continue there.

#2 is the cause of the problem, then all we can do is point
you to #3.

If #3 fails for some reason, then we should investigate
this. However, be aware that the Unicode database has a
fixed set of case mappings and we currently don't support
extended case mapping which is locale and context sensitive.
Again, patches are welcome.

Please provide your examples using the repr() of the string
or Unicode objects in question. This makes it a lot easier
to test your examples on other platforms.

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