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Date 2017-05-03.12:09:09
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The second line in the else block was added... 14 years ago (!) by this commit:

commit 455d46f0d921337405ebd3a098c210f3614ae77c
Author: Gregory P. Smith <>
Date:   Wed Jul 9 04:45:59 2003 +0000

    bsddb 4.1.6:
     * Extended DB & DBEnv set_get_returns_none functionality to take a
       "level" instead of a boolean flag.  The boolean 0 and 1 values still
       have the same effect.  A value of 2 extends the "return None instead
       of raising an exception" behaviour to the DBCursor set methods.
       This will become the default behaviour in pybsddb 4.2.
     * Fixed a typo in DBCursor.join_item method that made it crash instead
       of returning a value.  Obviously nobody uses it.  Wrote a test case
       for join and join_item.
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