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Frank, bigger is not better for demonstrating a problem.  The only thing needed for this issue is a tk window with two list boxes.  Having to click twice to get a window with more than just the two Listboxes is just noise.  

Anyway, I downloaded the file as into a directory on the path and ran "py -x.y -m tem" with the 3 x,y pairs.  For 3.6 I see the traceback Louie Lu posted -- **for 2.7**.

Since clicking in box 2 after clicking in box 1 changes the selection set in *both* boxes, on all 3 versions, there should a <<ListboxSelect>> event for both, on all 3 versions, as specified in the tcl/tk doc that I quoted. I believe it was a bug when the deselect event did not happen.

On Windows, 2.7.13 uses tk 8.5.15, 3.5.z uses tk 8.6.4, and 3.6.z uses tk 8.6.6.  My hypothesis is that the bug of not raising an event for the deselect, at least on Windows, was fixed in tk in 8.6.5/6.  If so, this should be closed as 'not a bug'.

Louie, what tk x.y.z do you have on your linux?

Serhiy, did you change anything in tkinter for 8.6 that could have affected <<ListboxSelect>> events?
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