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Date 2017-04-29.07:43:55
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This behavior is as same as on my Linux Python 2.7.13:

(<Tkinter.Listbox instance at 0x7f4b2b0c08c0>, (2,)) # Select Font
(<Tkinter.Listbox instance at 0x7f4b29caf248>, (3,)) # Select Style
(<Tkinter.Listbox instance at 0x7f4b2b0c08c0>, ())   # Deselect Font

And also, you don't need a try expect to handle this situation. You can see that when de-select the listbox, curselection() will return an empty tuple, you only need an if statement to handle this:

    def get_style(event):
        lb_sty_cur = event.widget.curselection()
        if lb_sty_cur:
            lb_sty_get = listbox_style.get(lb_sty_cur)
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