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Date 2017-04-28.13:38:20
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It seems like test_asyncore_server() of test_ssl doesn't cleanup properly asyncore on FreeBSD, and so following unit tests can be impacted (and fail).

test_asyncore_server (test.test_ssl.ThreadedTests)
Check the example asyncore integration. ... 
 server:  new connection from
 client:  sending b'FOO\n'...
 server:  read b'FOO\n' from client
 client:  read b'foo\n'
 client:  closing connection.
 server:  read b'over\n' from client
 client:  connection closed.
 cleanup: stopping server.
 cleanup: joining server thread.
 cleanup: successfully joined.
Warning -- asyncore.socket_map was modified by test_ssl
  Before: {}
  After:  {6: <test.test_ssl.AsyncoreEchoServer.EchoServer.ConnectionHandler at 0x80664c468>}

Maybe AsyncoreEchoServer.__exit__() should just ends with "asyncore.close_all(ignore_all=True)"?
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