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> One way that writing to the wakeup fd can fail is if the pipe or socket's buffer is already full, in which case we get EWOULDBLOCK or WSAEWOULDBLOCK.

Is it a theorical question or did you notice the error in the wild? I mean: without sending a signal in a loop.

Right now, we write the signal number into the pipe each time a signal is received. Do you need to get N bytes if the signal is received N times? Maybe we can use a flag and only write the byte once by signal number?

> Printing to the console isn't a great solution, but it's better than letting the error pass silently.

If the pipe becomes full, you loose signals: it's an hard error. I decided to log an error into fd 2 because in a signal handler, the number of allowed functions is very limited.

I suggest to have a flag to remind if the pipe overflowed, and in that case: schedule a Python callback. The callback can be a new parameter to set_wakeup_fd()?

A pipe seems limited to 64 KB, limit hardcoded in Linux kernel code. Is it the case if we use a socket pair, as we already do on Windows? Or is it possible to increase the socket buffer size?

> This is particularly annoying for trio, because I try to minimize the size of the wakeup fd's send buffer to avoid wasting non-swappable kernel memory on what's essentially an overgrown bool.

asyncio uses wakeup fd to get signal numbers: it's not only a bool. See the issue #21645 for the rationale of using the FD to get signal numbers in asyncio.

It was a bool on Python 2 which only writes NUL bytes into the FD.

Related question: does asyncio support signals on Windows? I added support for set_wakeup_fd() to Windows for asyncio, but then I forgot this TODO item :-)
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