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'crash' means OS message rather than Python exiting with exception traceback and message.

Can you post a minimal reproducer?  What OS?  subprocess.Popen._get_handles is different on POSIX and windows, though both seem to call f.fileno() without try-except. 

All filenoes are initialized to -1, so it seems to me that either
a. all accesses should be wrapped with try-except: pass, or
b. subprocess doc should say that file-like objects must include a fileno method returning -1.

I am puzzled though.  The 2.7 doc for (builtin)file.fileno() says 
File-like objects which do not have a real file descriptor should not provide this method! "
Rather than return -1

In must be that the subprocess test does not test with a 'file-like object without a file descriptor'
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