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I had mainly been using my boot-flag.patch with BSD Make (bmake) rather than Gnu Make. It seems I was relying on a bug in BSD Make that merges escaped newlines in command lines, despite Posix and Gnu Make. Anyway, Chi’s fix seems appropriate.

I am posting the patches I used for 3.5 and 2.7, in case others are interested. The 3.5 one would also need Chi’s fix merging the “_freeze_importlib” line.

It may be possible to have the configure script adjust the default for the BOOT flag rather than setting GENERATED_COMMENT. But the side effect would be disabling regeneration of additional things (e.g. that aren’t specifically broken with cross compilation.

Anyway my preference was to stop automatically regenerating files, and to keep the build system as simple as practical without hacks like the BOOT="#" flag.
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