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Date 2017-03-30.01:16:21
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Unless this is documented somewhere, it's a new feature in a deprecated module.

You can easily produce a third-party distutils command that does this differently, but I see limited benefit in changing this command. I'd also need to dig deeper to learn how bdist_msi works to make sure the change is sound, which I'm not entirely convinced it is (MSI custom actions are very difficult to get right, and have a lot of strange quirks - the big concern here would be breaking a property reference by adding the option in the wrong column, instead of using a custom action to set the property that is referenced from the action that executes it).

In short, non-trivial, rarely used, easily overrideable from the build scripts that need it. I'd recommend this for a third party module, but at this stage it should only be changed in the standard library if it doesn't match some documentation.
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