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I don't really have a specific use case personally -- for trio, I haven't found a way to make use of set_wakeup_fd because of various issues[1], but I'm also not planning to use SIGCHLD, so this isn't very urgent.

In general set_wakeup_fd can be a workaround, but I wanted to note this upstream because it's a bug in Python's signal handler logic. Note that Python already goes to great lengths to make e.g. signal handlers run during time.sleep on Windows; they ought to just work on Unix too.


[1] (Off-topic but in case you're curious: I register actual signal handlers anyway because I follow the philosophy that the wakeup pipe should only be used for wakeups rather than transmitting information, so as long as signal handlers work I can do my own wakeups, + for some reason set_wakeup_fd doesn't work for me on Windows (no idea why, can't reproduce in simplified tests, might be my fault, need to debug), + set_wakeup_fd's handling of buffer overflow is broken for my purposes.)
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