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Glad the --enable-shared workaround worked around.  If you feel like exploring the issue further, a couple of things that might be useful would be to set one or more of dyld's debugging environment variables, like DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES, to try to see exactly which shared library is being accessed by mistake and at what point, assuming that is the root cause; see man (1) dyld for more info.  My guess is that you'll see a Homebrew or Anaconda Python library from /usr/local/lib or some such being dynamically loaded in error.  Another option might be to temporarily mv rename any such Python libraries under /usr/local/lib and see if that makes a difference.  As I said, it would be nice to finally put this issue to bed but, it's tough to do that without being to able to reliably reproduce it and, at this point, it doesn't seem to affect enough users to make it very high priority.
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