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As noted in
When installed for all users, the following files are installed to
either "%SystemRoot%\System32" or "%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64" as
appropriate. For the current user, they are installed in the Python
install directory.

.\python3x.dll      The core interpreter
.\python3.dll       The stable ABI reference

However, at least with the Python 3.5.3 and Python 3.6.0 installers from the official download page, even an all-users install puts the relevant DLLs in the installation directory instead.

This is the both with the command-line option and checking the relevant box during installation.

I've also confirmed that it happens whether you add Python to the path or not. The latter is my use-case as I have multiple versions of Python installed and use the Python Launcher for Windows to select a version to run or virtualenv to build.

Looking at the source, I suspect this feature was completely lost when the MSI build system was rewritten in commit (formerly for issue #23260 which removed all references to SystemFolder or System64Folder
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