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Date 2017-03-16.18:21:20
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Probably the best thing we could do here is to mirror the options available in similar tools, such as jq:

The relevant options here would be:


The default indent in jq is 2, which I tend to prefer these days, but maybe 4 is still appropriate given PEP 8:

    $ echo '[{}, {"a": "b"}, 2, 3, 4]' | jq
        "a": "b"

This is how jq interprets --compact-output:

    $ echo '[{}, {"a": "b"}, 2, 3, 4]' | jq --compact-output

I do not think that it's worth having the command-line tool cater to people that want to indent in other ways (e.g. using a string that isn't all spaces or a single tab).
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