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Date 2017-03-16.14:00:32
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@serhiy.storchaka I totally understand the desire to keep json.tool simple. However, given the description of json.tool in the documentation (below), I think an indentation option is within scope:

> The json.tool module provides a simple command line interface to validate and pretty-print JSON objects.

Indentation/newlines are a fundamental aspect of "pretty-printing". Right now I rarely use json.tool, since indent=4 is too extreme from a visual and file size perspective. Instead I prefer `indent=2` (or even `indent=1`) and I now have to:

1. create a python script to set my desired input
2. make sure every environment has access to this python script (the real annoyance)

Currently, json.tool has a --sort-keys argument, which I think is great. --sort-keys is also an essential feature from my perspective (bpo-21650). So in short, I think json.tool is close to being a really useful utility but falls a bit short without an indentation option.

Given that json.tool exists, I think it makes sense to take steps to make sure it's actually relevant as a json reformatter. Given this motivation, I'm not opposed to adding --compact, if we're confident it will be forward compatible with the json.dump API.
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