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Date 2017-03-15.09:19:13
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> If we change something, I suggest to be consistent with lshift. I expect a memory error on "1 << (1 << 1024)" (no unlimited loop before a global system collapse please ;-))

I agree that left shift should raise an ValueError rather than OverflowError for large negative shifts. But is hard to handle large positive shifts. `1 << count` consumes `count*2/15` bytes of memory. There is a gap between the maximal value of bits represented as Py_ssize_t (PY_SSIZE_T_MAX) and the number of bits of maximal Python int (PY_SSIZE_T_MAX*15/2). _PyLong_NumBits() starves from the same issue. I think an OverflowError is appropriate here for denoting the platform and implementation limitation.
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