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Author elliot.gorokhovsky
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Date 2017-03-12.05:11:39
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I am embarrassed! That's why I said IIRC... I remembered that either
RichCompare calls RichCompareBool, or the other way around, and I was too
lazy to check :) I did remember about do_richcompare, though!

On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 10:07 PM Tim Peters <> wrote:

> Tim Peters added the comment:
> Elliot, PyObject_RichCompareBool calls PyObject_RichCompare.  That in turn
> does some checks, hides a small mountain of tests in the expansions of the
> recursion-checking macros, and calls do_richcompare.  That in turn does
> some useless (in the cases you're aiming at) tests and finally gets around
> to invoking tp_richcompare.  Your patch gets to that final step at once.
> I'm surprised you didn't know that ;-)
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