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Date 2017-03-12.00:47:05
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What's the rationale for not calling self._flavour.pathmod.abspath() to implement absolute()? For example:

    >>> p = pathlib.Path('C:/con')
    >>> p._flavour.pathmod.abspath(p)
    >>> p._from_parts((p._flavour.pathmod.abspath(p),), init=False)

That's almost right except for an unrelated problem that pathlib shouldn't append a trailing slash for \\.\ local device paths. Doing so creates a different path, which may be invalid. \\.\con is a symbolic link to \Device\ConDrv\Console, and adding a trailing backslash after the "Console" filename is invalid. An example where the resulting path is valid but wrong is the volume device \\.\C:, which is a link to something like \Device\HarddiskVolume2. Appending a backslash refers to the root directory of the file system on the volume.
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