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Date 2017-03-11.00:08:36
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Does this work with wacky code like this?
	class ClassAssignmentCanBreakChecks():
		def __init__(self, i):
			self._i = i
		def __lt__ (self, other):
			last.__class__ = OrdinaryOldInteger
			return self._i < (other._i if hasattr(other, '_i') else other)
	class OrdinaryOldInteger:
		def __init__(self, i):
			self._i = i
		def __lt__(self, other):
			return self._i < (other._i if hasattr(other, '_i') else other)
	lst = [ClassAssignmentCanBreakChecks(i) for i in range(10)]
	last = lst[-1]
It looks like it will initially say that all are the same type, and attempt that optimization, which will probably lead to unexpected results as that condition is no longer true after the first compare.
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