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Date 2017-03-10.15:53:07
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Thanks for the prompt feedback. In Python 3.2, the closest equivalent for the illustrated issue I could find is:

>>> from email.message import Message
>>> from email.generator import Generator
>>> from sys import stdout
>>> m = Message()
>>> m["Field"] = "x" * 100
>>> g0 = Generator(stdout, maxheaderlen=0)
>>> gn = Generator(stdout, maxheaderlen=None)

>>> g0.flatten(m)
Field: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

>>> gn.flatten(m)

It may be the case that a documentation change is all that is needed. I'm not sure that this change would break compatibility since `max_line_length=None` for the policy is not the default value. Please advise further if I should just update the documentation and modify the test to guard for future changes.
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