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On 08.03.2017 08:20, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
> Serhiy Storchaka added the comment:
> Not all platforms use glibc 2.24 as libc.

True. Many don't even use glibc.

> Ideally most of entries should even not exist. We should ask libc for the default encoding if it is not included in the locale name. The aliases table should be used only for mapping commonly used but unsupported by libc locales to supported by libc locales.

I think you have a wrong understanding of what this alias table
is used for: we need it to determine the lib C compatible locale
name without using lib C APIs such as setlocale(), since these are
not thread safe and have side-effects for the whole process.

The alias table is there to avoid having to go to the lib C
to ask it indirectly for more details. Unfortunately, there are
no cross-platform lib C APIs which would allow querying these
details without also changing the local settings of the process.

I know that Python still plays the usual "save current locale,
run setlocale(), revert to previous locale" trick in a couple
of places and this works if Python is the only thread running,
but it doesn't when embedded into other applications.

Regarding the patch: we cannot simply use the output from the
script to set new values. The changes have to be manually
reviewed as well.

E.g. this entry in the table is clearly a typo:

    'en_zw.utf8':                           'en_ZS.UTF-8',

(it should read en_ZW.UTF-8)

This entry appears wrong as well:

    'eo':                                   'eo_XX.ISO8859-3',

(XX is not a valid country ISO code)

How should we go about this ? Mark all the problems in the PR ?
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