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Date 2017-03-08.09:17:47
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On Debian stable (Python 3.4), with the LANGUAGE environment variable set to "C" or "en_US.UTF-8", the following produces a string:

d = gettext.textdomain('apt-listchanges')
print(gettext.lgettext("Informational notes"))

However, setting the language, for example fi_FI.UTF-8, it will output a bytes object. Same apparently happens with some other languages, too.

Why is this? The discrepancy is not documented anywhere, AFAIK. Is this a bug or intended behavior depending on some (undocumented) circumstances? Given both the above examples define UTF-8 as the encoding, the result value does not depend directly on the encoding. 

The docs say lgettext should merely return the translation in a particular encoding. It does not say the return value will be switched from a string to bytes as well.

I saw this originally in the Debian bug tracker and thought the issue merits at least clarification here as well (link to Debian bug below for reference).


No idea if this happens on Python > 3.4 or another platforms. I would guess so, but have not had time to confirm.
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