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Date 2017-03-03.21:04:44
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If I close the failure to run dialog, the temp directory is also destroyed, thus getting rid of the temp executable, however, while the fail dialog is up and I travel to where it says it fails to run the executable, it then yet creates another temp guid directory and logs a failure as unable to run from the thing it just created.So I can recursively launch and fail.
I don't understand why it wants to run another executable that is itself when it is already running it.

      From: Eryk Sun <>
 Sent: Friday, March 3, 2017 10:44 AM
 Subject: [issue29702] Error 0x80070003: Failed to launch elevated child process

Eryk Sun added the comment:

When run directly from the temp directory path that's reported in the log, does the new log say that the installer is trying to run python-3.5.3-amd64.exe from that same path, or is it trying to run it from a new directory?


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