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Date 2017-02-25.05:00:32
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To summarise the changes that were made during the PR review, here's the eventual commit message for the merged PR:

 bpo-24241: Improve preferred webbrowser handling (#85)

- Add 'preferred' argument to webbrowser.register
- Use xdg-settings to specify preferred X browser

The first change replaces the existing undocumented tri-state
'try_order' parameter with the documented boolean keyword-only
'preferred' parameter. Setting it to True places the browser at the
front of the list, preferring it as the return to a subsequent get() call.

The second change adds a private `_os_preferred_browser` setting
and then uses that to make the default browser reported by
`xdg-settings` first in the try list when running under X (or
another environment that sets the `DISPLAY` variable).
This avoids the problem where the first entry in the tryorder
queue otherwise defaults to xdg-open, which doesn't support
the "new window" option.
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