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Date 2017-02-23.14:19:15
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Creating a repaired installer is possible, though risky (it's easy when I still have the original build handy, but at this stage a rebuild will produce different hashes and make things worse). But I intend to look into that as soon as I can.

If the launcher is not already installed, or if an older version is installed, it will be selected by default. So it's a little harder to avoid, and more likely to cause problems for people who don't have 3.6.

There's a command line option to just install the launcher (LauncherOnly=1), but nothing in the UI. However, if you install and then uninstall Python, the launcher is left behind (must be uninstalled separately), so that's one way to get it. I'd suggest add/remove Python 3.6, as that will get the latest version of the launcher.
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