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Date 2017-02-19.10:42:26
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> I'm not familiar with CPython conventions. Sorry if reopening an issue is impolite.

IMO asking if it's ok to reopen this issue by using the word 'impolite' is a clear reference to the fact that Stefan had told you previously that you are being insulting by saying "it's a dirty hack ". Not only did not you take the opportunity given by Stefan at that time to express your apologies as expected, but instead you repeated it, and here your are making fun of him by using the word 'impolite' when you could have asked if it is correct or allowed to reopen an issue.

Few months ago you uttered the same kind of insults then directed at me in msg264605, a post addressed to Guido van Rossum in issue 26858.

Please do read the CPython Code of Conduct and try to remember that the people that take the time to answer your posts do it on their own free time and that you should be nice to them.

I am nosying Brett Cannon, the CPython maintainer and core dev in charge of the respect of the CoC.
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